"The independent placement agent, offering

a flexible approach to raising capital."

What we do?

  • Provide an independent view. With clients among the top tier managers in their field, our objective approach and impartial advice helps them to tackle the capital markets with success on a timely and flexible basis.
  • Our experience in dealing with a great number of sponsors and investors gives us a broader view of the market and a greater experience in fund raising, a process that fund managers typically only go through every few years.
  • By acting as an outsourced client service provider, Capital & Marketing Group instantly provides a marketing and investor relations team, eliminating the need to recruit and train new staff.
  • Our international reach, with dedicated professionals, allows managers to attract investors from around the world.

Why us?


  • 100% owned by its employees.
  • Ensures absolute dedication to the sponsor, guaranteed independence and a minimum of conflict of interests. 


  • To maximize the success of the placement process and thanks to its entrepreneurial approach, Capital & Marketing Group offers sponsors a flexible and tailor made approach.
  • Issues are typically discussed in detail with the sponsor prior to the launch.


  • In our area of expertise, we seek an exclusive mandate from the sponsors on its capital raising needs, whether for funds or other investment vehicles, or on any transactions requiring capital markets expertise.
  • Equally, we will work exclusively with the Sponsor on its capital raising needs.


  • We do not disclose any confidential information relating to a Sponsor or to the investment vehicles issued by the Sponsor, unless specifically approved to do so.
  • This ensures we have privileged and on-going access to the Sponsor and its capital markets needs.

Selection process

  • The Principals continuously review all transactions undertaken by the Group.
  • The Principals require unanimous decisions in order to proceed on any transaction by focusing on the following areas:
    • Sponsor's Track Record
    • Fiduciary/Governance
    • Marketability
    • Ability to cross-sell with existing mandates
    • Resources
    • Alignment of financial interest with the sponsor
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